Poetry Winners 2011

Very many congatulations to our five winners. Joanna Bezmillian (in collaboration with Sharon Black and Elizabeth Birchall), our poetry judge said:

"First of all, on behalf of this year’s judges, I’d like to thank all the entrants – what a privilege (and a challenge) to be asked to examine such a variety of subjects, styles and voices. It has been an enormously stimulating undertaking and we have mightily enjoyed the process, which has not proved in the least straightforward!
In particular, once we had arrived (with difficulty) at our joint ‘Top 5’, we each had others that we very much wanted to commend for a particular reason. Added together, our lists would have comprised most of the original shortlist. Once again, respecting the need to make choices, we have listed a further six about which we most wanted to add a comment or commendation – many others which had something in them to delight us, have missed a mention this time, but we wish their authors success next time round."

This year's winners and short listed entries are below.

Please click on the title to read the poem.


1st – Peter Branson, Stoke-on-Trent – “The Boat House”
=2nd – Ann Kelley, Cornwall – “Flaming Stargazer”
=2nd – Caroline Price, Kent – “Senora Jaen Recalls The Fete Days on Gorramakil”
4th – Keith Shaw, Somerset – “Variety”
5th – Fiona Bennett, Gloucestershire – “Sugar Lipstick”
Special Mentions

Shortlisted and Special Mention (in no particular order)

Malcolm Watson, East Yorkshire – “Ironing Bored”
Sarah Wall, Cheshire – “Intensive Care”
Charles Evans, London – “The Hole in the Trousers”
Peter Cash, Stoke-on-Trent – “Musing Round Trewyn Garden”
Charles Evans, London – “Out of Love”
Keith Shaw, Somerset – “The Lie”

Other Short Listed Entries (in no particular order)

Sherri Turner, Surrey – “Old Wood”
Fiona Bennett, Gloucestershire – “Fisherman’s Wife”
Margaret Eddershaw, Greece – “Solstice”
Keith Shaw, Somerset – “Bull”
Keith Shaw, Somerset – “The Garden of Eden”
David Smith, Derbyshire – “His Final Resting Place”
David Smith, Derbyshire – “An Act of Creation”
Tasmin Forman, Buckinghamshire – “Better To Be Beige”
David Smith, Derbyshire – “The One Who Never Married”
Maureen Anne Browne, County Down – “Thinking Back”
Al McClimens, Sheffield – “Tesco”
Jill Sharp, Swindon – “The Lady of Agra”
Dreams of Paris – Withdrawn

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