Competition Judges 2011

Short Story

In 2011, our short story judge was Darci Bysouth. Darci won our short story competition in 2010.

About Darci:
"I was born and raised in the ranchlands of western Canada, but have made Edinburgh my home for the last fifteen years. I’ve studied creative writing and writing for screen through evening classes, and have just finished writing my first novel.
By day, I teach literacy to primary school children with additional support needs. Their creative and unique ways of looking at the world never fail to inspire me. Like many of my students, I have been blessed with a meandering mind - for me, writing is a brilliant excuse to daydream without censure!"


In 2011, the poetry competition judge was Joanna Bezmilian. Joanna won our poetry competition in 2010.

About Joanna:
"Joanna Bezmilian has been writing poetry since she was seven. Her first published piece may have been about a rabbit. However she had a collection of poems rejected by Faber & Faber when she was 11 and she hasn’t got round to trying again. Early inspirations were the west coast of Scotland, where she was born, and a precocious interest in the environment. At school in Chislehurst, Kent, she won a newspaper competition aged twelve with a poem about the local elm population being decimated by Dutch Elm disease. Shortly after leaving university in Bristol to work in London, she won lunch with Marcelle D’Argy Smith, the effervescent then-editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, at l’Escargot restaurant in Soho, for a Letter to the Editor about ‘memorable moments’. A spell as a corporate writer in London in her twenties sent the creative impulse into culverts, but the spring has re-emerged above ground in Gloucestershire, where Joanna now lives in an eco-community. She belongs to a wonderful monthly writers group which runs on crystallised ginger, flapjacks and generous criticism. Current output includes poetry, some experimental short stories and a great number of lists."

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