History of Grace Dieu Writers

Grace Dieu Writers' Circle started out with four or five members who had originally attended a Creative Writing Course at the Community College in Thringstone (just outside of Coalville) in Leicestershire.

In those early days in 2003 there was some doubt as to whether we would actually survive but, as time elapsed, more members have joined and on a good evening we can have as many as ten to twelve members attending.

It has always been our intention to ensure that the group is run for the benefit of all, with each of our members having a say in how things progress. We also believe that as well as providing support for each other in our quest to become better writers, we have a duty to promote creative writing where ever possible, hence our programme of activities.

Since the early days we have advanced to having a web site, a selection of guest speakers, and a number of evening and one day writers' workshops covering Creative Writing - Prose and Poetry (which have been tremendously successful)

We have also organised a number of annual international writing competitions, and our most recent is posted on the site (please see our Competition pages). 2007 saw the introduction of our first-ever poetry competition which ran alongside our short story competition and winners of both featured in our first anthology, produced later that year.

We hope to continually facilitate a number of writing events for both members and guests to attend, so please check our "News" page for further details.

So if you feel that any of these will be of interest to you, please feel free to contact us for further details - please see our "Contact Us" page.

And lastly, to the many of you out there who have already contacted us about how we started up, or are actually thinking of setting up a writers' group, our advice is "take the plunge". It's a wonderful journey.

Why are we called Grace Dieu?

For those of you who have asked why the name "Grace Dieu" - here goes:

Grace Dieu is an area just outside of Coalville and abuts the village of Thringstone. In the 1400s the estate of Grace Dieu took in parts of Thringstone, Whitwick and nearby Belton.

Grace Dieu Priory was the home of the Beaumont family. Sir John Beaumont was seen to be the Poet Laureate of his times, writing many pieces for the King. His younger brother, Francis Beaumont wrote many poems and plays and was considered to equal, if not better than Shakespeare in his abilities in the literary field.

So with such a pedigree behind us, how can we be anything other than Grace Dieu Writers' Circle?

Note: please visit http://www.gracedieupriory.co.uk/ for further information about the Priory.

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